Er. Chirag K Baxi, Director, Prudent Forensic Consultancy Private Limited., & General Manager, K K Retroflex Solutions

Quality assurance and adherence are fundamental requirements for any activity. However,  it’s often observed that when the time frame for executing activities is compressed, quality tends to be compromised, leading to the need for subsequent rectification or rework.

However, when a commitment to quality adherence is the ‘Default’ approach, it is less likely to be influenced by the shortening of execution time.

Here are some phrases commonly heard in situations where the relationship between quality and timeframe is inversely proportional:

  • “I apologise for missing the last bag of cement during the site concreting.”
  • “I’m sorry for forgetting to remove burrs from the welding due to haste.”
  • “I overlooked removing extra nails from the support in a hurry, which resulted in an injury. I am sorry.”
  • “I could only spread a small amount of sand after applying bituminous coating to the road because I ran out of time. I apologise for the slip accident.”

How often do similar apologies arise when basic quality is compromised due to time constraints?

Quality is a mindset.

Quality is a mental attitude.

Quality is a tool for perfection.

Quality should never be sacrificed, whether due to time constraints or economic reasons. By prioritising quality alongside speed, we can achieve excellence without compromising on either aspect.